Wylder Returns + Tales from the Caravan

Hello Friends,


After two years of touring around the world with Bombino, I am thrilled to announce that Billy Wylder will return to Cambridge next Wednesday, Sept. 30 at Atwoods!! The Wylder family will be bringing new and old songs to life for a special hometown show. Grab your tickets and spread the good word! 

Read on to hear about the journey~

On Saturday we rallied in solidarity with Syrian refugees in Copley Square. Powerful to hear hundreds of people singing together! Over the past couple weeks I have gotten to know many Syrians who have resettled in Boston and it has been deeply informative for me to learn about the war and refugee crisis from their perspective. Totally heartbreaking. Evolution is a constant state of migration. That's how we got here! It is time we open the doors and greatly increase the resources for refugees to seek asylum in the North America, Europe, Australia, South America... Please consider donating to the 
Karam Foundation which is helping bring Syrian children back to school and supports Syrian refugees internationally. 

Bombino Caravan
The Bombino tours took us to Europe and North America this summer. Highlights included performing and exploring in Norway, Italy, trading tales with Buckwheat Zydeco and rocking Central Park! In June, I ventured to the Dolomite Mountains in the Alps of Northern Italy on a day off and climbed the cliffs high above the tree line. Another remarkable moment was doing a collaborative performance at the 
Edmonton Folk Festival with Hanggai, a Mongolian folk/punk band from Beijing and The Duhks, a Canadian folk band. An incredible quad-continental mash up. Next we'll head south to tour Brazil in November!! Check out a montage from Central Park

Live at the Edmonton Folk Festival - August 7, 2015

The Mountain band up on Mt. Washington! 
On August 15 we played at show at 5000 feet to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lakes of the Clouds. Supernatural times!

Holy Moonshine!
Much love to all who joined us at the Harvest Moonshine. It was a beautiful festivity on the farm in the Green Mountains. Great sets from Miss Tess, The Surviving Kenneallys, the Earth Sky Time Farm band, community art making, epic bon fire, local food, rope swing, jams, kinship, revelry… 
Check out the video of the Moonshine finale. Lot’s of promise to continue to build on the experience!

I hope your spirit is full as we turn the pages to a new season. The world needs your good energy!

Spread the word, spread the love, and see you out there!



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