Summer Vibes + Double Moonshine! 

Dear friends, fans, lovers, 

We've been blessed by a beautiful summer filled with sweet shows, festivals, mountain adventures, and the transcendent experience making our new record. News to come about the album. Much love to all the good folks who came out - you lift us up! We are pumped up to present two Moonshine Music Festivals and a run of hot dates this fall! Join us on the journey and spread the good word: 

9.2 - Pittsfield, MA - Mission Bar & Tapas - free show, deets 
9.3 - Manchester, VT - The Moonshine Music Festival - tickets 
9.16 - Kensington, NH - Private Show  
9.17 - Arundal, ME - Private Show 
9.22 - Burlington, VT - ArtsRiot - tickets 
9.23 - East Boston, MA - Zumix Block Party - free show, deets 
9.24 - Wrentham, MA - The Harvest Moonshine, tickets 
All deets on the shows page


Sunday, September 3 
Earth Sky Time Farm, Manchester, VT 
Great live sets 6-10pm, 
Bonfire jams to follow 

Advance tickets only $15 
children 12 and under free. 


Lodging available at the Wilburton Inn and camping on the farm. Rain or shine, show in beautiful barn.


White Barn Farm 
Wrentham, MA 
Great live sets 3-7pm 
Plus drum circle and pickin' 

All proceeds will benefit White Barn Farm. Your attendance supports the sustainability of the organic family run farm and protects the land and community food source. Advance tickets only $15, children 12 and under free.



2016 Moonshine photos by TW Collins

We started the Moonshine in the effort to bring people together, to experience great live music and deepen our connection to local, organic farming and community building. The festivals have been wild and beautiful experiences over the past five years. We look forward to raising the spirit with new and old friends on the farms this September. 

Spread the word, spread the love, and see you out there! 


Avi & the Wylder family 

p.s. Want the Wylders to come to your town on our next tour and/or want to put on a sweet party/house concert? Send us your ideas: billywylderfamily[a]


Live at The Hoot 8.27.17

Shows // Spirit // aFire 

My dear friends, 

Bon dia, assalamu alaikum, shalom, good day! I’ve been thinking about y’all. I’m listening to some swanky sounds from New Orleans right now and they’re lifting my spirit in times of struggle and uncertainty. I’ve been writing songs and exploring sonic territories with new and old friends. Can’t wait to share the music with you! We have some sweet shows coming up: 

2.17 – Nashua, NH – Riverwalk Cafe – debut performance of aFire – w. Symphony NH – Tickets 
2.18 – Cambridge, MA – The Sinclair  – w. Della Mae – Tickets
3.3 – Boston, MA – Museum of Fine Arts – w. Lowland Hum – Tickets 
3.24 – Nashua, NH – Riverwalk Cafe – Tickets 
3.25 – Bennington, VT – Basement Music Series – Tickets

Don't miss this special show with our soul sisters, Della Mae! Celia Woodsmith (lead singer for Della Mae) is one my dearest friends and a longtime collaborator. We began making music together in 2003 and toured throughout the country with Hey Mama and Avi & Celia for many years. Gonna be a sweet reunion!

Hey Mama live at the Paradise March 6, 2010. Photo by Michael Spencer

Feb. 17 - Nasua, NH - Riverwalk Cafe - Tickets

aFire : [ə-ˈfī(-ə)r] adj/adv : being on fire, being in a state of great excitement or energy 
aFire, the band of brothers from global mothers, begins with the soul of freedom and space. Musical forms evolve and expand, changing shape like the crimson flame from the fire, bringing the listener into the full sensory experience. The band features yours truly joined by drummer/singer, Zamar Odongo from Nairobi, Kenya, and keyboardist/singer, Alexander Anderson from Oceanside, CA.  

This dynamic evening will also feature sets from Symphony NH performing works by Claude Debussy and Phillip Glass arranged for string quartet.

We want to give a BIG shout out to all you beautiful people who rocked the WYLD LYFE benefit concert for 350VT with us in Burlington. Together we raised over $5000 to support 350VT's grassroots initiatives to fight climate change. Now more than ever we need to organize and mobilize to protect the planet and all her species! Join the People's Climate Movement on a local level and come together for the massive march slated for April 29 in DC. More info here

Update on Standing Rock: sadly DT has disregarded the Army Corps Environmental Impact Statement process, giving the green light to DAPL. This appalling executive decision is a direct violation of human, tribal, and environmental rights! Click here to get involved and support indigenous sovereignty and the protection of the water. On the up, activists in Seattle and Davis, CA successfully mobilized their respective cities to divest over $3 Billion from Wells Fargo (major backer of DAPL). They have created the model for cities around the country! Let's make the push to invest our hard earned $ into socially responsible institutions. We have the choice, we have the power!


Sending you all love and mojo as we march on. We make the road by walking! 



Here's a glimpse from a beautiful reunion with Bombino, my muslim brothers from Niger and Mauritania at the House of Blues in Boston. Friends, we must keep up the good fight to allow our borders to be open to all people. When we keep showing up, we rise above! 

The Spirit of Standing Rock 

Dear Friends, 
Aho! I have just returned from the journey to Standing Rock. My spirit and heart full with love and supernatural mojo. A thousand drums beating and the song of the river in my soul! I feel blessed to have joined over 300 tribal nations and 10,000 allies from around the globe banding together to protect the water and indigenous sovereignty. Standing Rock is the nucleus of change, centered around deep prayer and nonviolent resistance rising up to face brutal militarized force from the Dakota Access Pipeline, regional police and National Guard. There's beauty in the face of darkness and struggle and it is the most life affirming feeling you could imagine. Together we have the power to stop the pipeline and defend the sacred and we must act now. I write to share my story and the word about two benefit concerts this weekend in New England. Check out my interview in Seven Days and read on to hear about my experience at Standing Rock and ways to plug in, step back and stand up! Spread the good word and join us. 

Friday, Dec. 2 – Burlington, VT – Wyld Lyfe: A Benefit Concert for 350VT – Tickets 
All proceeds support 350VT's grassroots climate change initiatives 

Sunday, Dec. 4 – Northampton, MA – Stand w. Standing Rock Benefit – More info
All of the proceeds will go to the One Nation Camp at Oceti Sakowin, Standing Rock

On Thanksgiving day, over 1000 natives and allies joined together at the river for peaceful prayer and nonviolent direct action. The police and National guard occupied the top of the sacred burial mound with military weapons. We set up a makeshift bridge across the Cannonball River and 400 people crossed over, holding ground and chanting in prayer to protect the water, calling for DAPL to pack up and put an end to the pipeline. It was one of the most powerful spiritual experiences of my life!

Many friends have been reaching out to me who want to support Standing Rock - thank you! I wanted to share some information and suggestions for folks who want to support on the ground and from home. 
The Lakota elders are calling for more natives and allies to join the prayerful resistance at Standing Rock and at home. There are major actions in the works for this weekend with over 2000 veterans and leaders of faith joining the camp. Supporting our indigenous brothers and sisters on the ground was one of the most moving and spiritual experiences of my life. They need us now, the earth needs us now, the water and all living beings need us now! In response to the Army Corps' eviction threat - the indigenous people aren't going anywhere! They've been holding their ground and fighting for their sovereignty for over 500 years on this continent - sadly, this isn't new news! 
I recommend reading these resources to learn how to become an ally. More here in my post.

Supporting from home: 
*Make an appeal to President Obama and the Army Corps of Engineers to value indigenous people and rescind all permits and deny the easement to cross the Missouri River just north of the Standing Rock Reservation and straight through treaty lands. Call 202-456-1414 and contact your local legislators. 

*Donate to Standing Rock. The Oceti Sakowin Camp (main camp) is the best place to send $ 
*Join national actions this week. More info here

*This is much bigger than Standing Rock alone. This is a momentous moment in our shared history to revive the sacred, protect the planet, build sovereignty for all indigenous people, and decolonize our minds, actions, and nation. On Monday night at an intertribal solidarity meeting in Boston, a Wompanoag organizer brought to our attention: “as white settler allies, one of the best ways to support is to give native person(s) an opportunity to heal. get to really know them” 
-What is their daily experience like? 
-What has their life been like? 
-How can we become true allies? 
-It is ok to feel discomfort when building these relationships and learning about decolonization. That is a natural response to something completely unnatural. 

*Let us each begin to be aware of how we are colonized and how we are affected by and perpetrate white supremacy. Check out these powerful resources on anit-racism for collective liberation.

Friends, I am grateful to be connected to you all. Let us rise up together and amplify our song of love and resistance! Spread the word and see you soon. 



On the Road to Standing Rock 

Dear Friends, 

I write to you from a bus full of activists, as we make our way across the country to Standing Rock. We will be joining our indigenous brothers and sisters to support the fight to protect the water and sacred lands. By the time you read this, I’ll be on the reservation getting my feet wet in the resistance against the construction of the North Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and making camp with over 300 tribal nations and allies from around the globe. Please read on to learn more about how you can help + about the Wyld Lyfe benefit show for 350VT in Burlington, VT on December 2nd!

If built, the pipeline would be constructed below the Missouri River, pumping 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day, threatening the primary water supply for 17 million people. The construction has already destroyed 380 sacred indigenous sites and if completed will run through 38 miles of the Standing Rock Souix tribal land according to the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851. Three hundred nations have gathered with a diverse crew of activists in peaceful civil resistance. They have been met with militarized violence by regional police forces and the ND National Guard. Friends, we cannot let this happen!  

You can support the Standing Rock Souix by donating supplies + cash to the Oceti Sakowin Camp (main camp where I'll be staying). Click here to help and add your name here to urge Obama to stop the DAPL.  

Check out the live video from the powerful protest and prayer gathering in Boston on 11.9.16


WYLD LYFE: A Benefit Show for 350VT 
Friday, Dec. 2 - Burlington, VT - ArtsRiot  

Rise Up Vermont! Join us for this special show. All proceeds will support 350 Vermont, the leaders in the fight against Climate Change. Now is the time for grassroots movement building; the time to stand up for the planet! We'll be rocking it with VT folk hero, Bow Thayer. All ages, tickets $15. Spread the good word and see you there!


The distressing election has illuminated the dire need for all of us to rise up to the challenges of our day and take a stand! We need to come together to transform our systems and national consciousness to uphold justice and the sustainability of our planet. Don't be dismayed, we can and are doing this on a local and national level. May our love, creativity, and hard work see us through to the world we want to live in. I am grateful to be connected to you all and looking forward to singing together soon! 

Much love and happy Thanksgiving, 


Our 350VT delegation on the road to Standing Rock

Summer Shows, Moonshine Music Festival, & Refugee All Stars! 

Hello Friends, 

Can you feel the heat on your skin? We can and damn, does it feel fine! We are energized by the renewal of Spring and are fired up for some great shows next week + the Moonshine Music Festival! On June 16 we’ll be celebrating the Lizard Lounge’s 20th anniversary with a special hometown show. The next day we’ll head north to headline the Quechee Balloon Festival. Spread the good word and read on for deets on the MOONSHINE! 

Thursday, June 16 – Cambridge, MA – Lizard Lounge, 20th club anniversary – Tickets – 9pm 
*w. Honeysuckle 

Friday, June 17 – Quechee, VT – Quechee Balloon Festival 
*Billy Wylder + Hot Air Balloon launch at 6pm, music throughout the weekend

Saturday, August 13, 4-10pm
Earth Sky Time Farm, Manchester, VT 

With great pleasure we announce The Moonshine Music Festival! Join us on the farm for an extraordinary concert and community experience featuring Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, Billy Wylder, and Woven! 

Advance tickets only $20  
children 12 and under free.


The festival will have great live sets, local food + beer, community art projects, farm tours, and a bountiful harvest farm stand! Folks will be traveling in for the festival. Lodging available at the Wilburton Inn, next to the farm and camping at the Battenkill Campground. Instruments, friends, & lovers all welcome :) 


Last year's festival was an amazing experience! We had so many people on stage for the encore, we were shaking the Green Mountains!


Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars have risen like a phoenix out of the ashes of war and enflamed the passions of fans across the globe with their uplifting songs of hope, faith and joy. The band is a potent example of the redeeming power of music and the ability of the human spirit to persevere through unimaginable hardship and emerge with optimism intact. From their humble beginnings in West African refugee camps, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars have performed on some of the world’s most prestigious stages including the Apollo Theatre, Central Park, and Bonnaroo. SLRAS have matured into one of Africa’s top touring and recording bands. They also now play an important diplomatic role as spokespersons and for the ever-increasing millions of refugees worldwide. 
“A world-music stew of traditional West African melody, reggae and rhythmic folk.” 
–The New York Times

Looking forward to rocking it with y'all real soon. Spread the good word and see you out there! 


The Wylder Family 

Upcoming Shows: 
6.16 – Cambridge, MA – Lizard Lounge 20th Anniversary 
6.17 – Quechee, VT – Quechee Balloon Festival 
6.18 – Shelburne, VT – Private Show 
7.7 – Plymouth, MA – The Driftwood
8.11 – Lebanon, NH – Front Porch Concert Series 
8.12 – Pittsfield, MA – Mission Book & Bar 
8.13 – Manchester, VT – Moonshine Music Festival

BIG Nomad News + Wylder shows! 

My Dear Friends, 

The time has come for you to feel the fire! Billy Wylder plays Somerville this Friday at the Burren plus NH next month. Come let loose! Our compadres, The Lonesome Draw will be joining us this Friday, early show: 7-9pm, grab your tickets and spread the good word and read on to hear the BIG nomad news. 

Friday, March 11 - The Burren - Somerville, MA - Tickets - 7pm 
Friday, April 15 - Riverwalk Cafe & Music Bar - Nashua, NH - Tickets - 8pm
Friday, April 29 - Birdseye Lounge - Portsmouth, NH - Tickets - 9pm


New Caravans 
After two and half years of traveling the world with the great Bombino, I have decided to take a break from the caravan. It has been an incredible experience to make music together and explore the elements of our world through our musical quest. From Rome to Rio de Janeiro, the Sahel Desert to New Zealand, Zagreb to Carnegie Hall, I will be forever infused by this Tuareg trip with Oumara 'Bombino' Moctar, Corey Wilhelm, Youba Dia, Kiljade Moussa Albade, Eric Herman, Mohammed Emoud, Ron Wyman, Toulou Kiki, and Koutana Vanloon.  

This break will allow me to focus on my original music, my work with Heartbeat, the Israeli-Palestinian youth music community, and my connection to home. I have now been at my home for the past three months consecutively, what a novelty! I will be in the area until mid May and then plan to return to the Middle East to begin working on a documentary film on Heartbeat and then heading on tour in Europe with one of our ensembles in June. This is a momentous time for Heartbeat as we make strategic plans to expand our programs and the impact of our Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians (more info here). Each day, the disparities on our planet grow greater and living beings continue to struggle to sustain. May we all remind ourselves to tune into what is good in and around us and give these sources of energy wings to multiply.




New Album 
This past fall we camped out in Woodstock, NY for 10 days and recorded the new Bombino album, Azel with producer David Longstreth from Dirty Projectors. The album comes out April 1. Check out the great story in Rolling Stone and listen to "Akhar Zaman" at NPR.

As always I feel grateful to be connected to you all. I look forward to the next time we sing together! 



p.s. There are new recordings on the horizon + Moonshine festivities, and summer shows. Stay tuned!


Wylder Shows, Rio Baby! 

Hello good people,

It's with great pleasure that we announce new Billy Wylder shows! Next week we'll return to our favorite neighborhood venue, Toad, for a free show, followed by two shows with the one and only Miss Tess!! Check out this clip from our Moonshine jam this summer. Truly looking forward to playing for y'all again. Let your friends know we're coming and read on to hear about the Brazilian tour and Heartbeat.

Dec. 15 - Cambridge, MA - TOAD - 7:30pm - Free Show
Dec. 18 - Northampton, MA - The Parlor Room - 7:30pm - Tickets w/ Miss Tess
Dec. 19 - Portland, ME - One Longfellow Square - 8pm - Tickets w/ Miss Tess

Bombino Brazilian Caravan
What a trip! Rocking out with the Brazilians, Samba till the morning light, beaches that come from dreams with mountains that jump up from the sea, breaking bread and jamming with local musicians, exploring the grit and tragic poverty of the Favelas, meeting the great redeemer, spreading the music to South America. Vibes! Check out more photos from the tour here.

As many of you know, I also work with Heartbeat, the Israeli-Palestinian youth music community based in Jerusalem. This is an exciting time for Heartbeat as we plan our program development and impact growth in the region and around the world! Join us and directly support Heartbeat's peacebuilding initiatives. 

All donations will be matched!

I am also producing Heartbeat's 2016 tours in the US and Europe. Send me a line if you're interested in bringing Heartbeat to your community:
Check out this clip from Heartbeat's 2015 US Tour

About Heartbeat:
Elevated by the support from Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam and Neil Young, Heartbeat is quickly gaining international recognition and momentum as we work to build a lasting, just peace in the Middle East from the ground up. As a positive alternative to the normalization of segregation, violence, and racism, Heartbeat creates spaces and opportunities for Palestinian and Israeli youth musicians to build critical awareness, respect, and trust while harnessing creative nonviolent tools for self-expression and social change. 




Sending you all love and mojo as we approach the Winter Solstice and holidays. Spread the good word and see you soon!



Wylder Returns + Tales from the Caravan 

Hello Friends,


After two years of touring around the world with Bombino, I am thrilled to announce that Billy Wylder will return to Cambridge next Wednesday, Sept. 30 at Atwoods!! The Wylder family will be bringing new and old songs to life for a special hometown show. Grab your tickets and spread the good word! 

Read on to hear about the journey~

On Saturday we rallied in solidarity with Syrian refugees in Copley Square. Powerful to hear hundreds of people singing together! Over the past couple weeks I have gotten to know many Syrians who have resettled in Boston and it has been deeply informative for me to learn about the war and refugee crisis from their perspective. Totally heartbreaking. Evolution is a constant state of migration. That's how we got here! It is time we open the doors and greatly increase the resources for refugees to seek asylum in the North America, Europe, Australia, South America... Please consider donating to the 
Karam Foundation which is helping bring Syrian children back to school and supports Syrian refugees internationally. 

Bombino Caravan
The Bombino tours took us to Europe and North America this summer. Highlights included performing and exploring in Norway, Italy, trading tales with Buckwheat Zydeco and rocking Central Park! In June, I ventured to the Dolomite Mountains in the Alps of Northern Italy on a day off and climbed the cliffs high above the tree line. Another remarkable moment was doing a collaborative performance at the 
Edmonton Folk Festival with Hanggai, a Mongolian folk/punk band from Beijing and The Duhks, a Canadian folk band. An incredible quad-continental mash up. Next we'll head south to tour Brazil in November!! Check out a montage from Central Park

Live at the Edmonton Folk Festival - August 7, 2015

The Mountain band up on Mt. Washington! 
On August 15 we played at show at 5000 feet to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lakes of the Clouds. Supernatural times!

Holy Moonshine!
Much love to all who joined us at the Harvest Moonshine. It was a beautiful festivity on the farm in the Green Mountains. Great sets from Miss Tess, The Surviving Kenneallys, the Earth Sky Time Farm band, community art making, epic bon fire, local food, rope swing, jams, kinship, revelry… 
Check out the video of the Moonshine finale. Lot’s of promise to continue to build on the experience!

I hope your spirit is full as we turn the pages to a new season. The world needs your good energy!

Spread the word, spread the love, and see you out there!



Central Park, Africa, Tour, + Moonshine! 

Hello friends,

How are you? Where are you? I am home in Boston for a couple days, what a novelty! Since I last wrote I’ve traveled around the world on the Bombino caravan with tours in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Europe. What a trip! And now, we’re kicking off a North American tour starting in Calgary this Thursday. This run is bookended by festivals in Canada and shows across the Northeast and Midwest. On July 25 we’ll make our debut at Central Park!! Read on to hear about the journey, tour dates, and upcoming Moonshine festivity.

Sojourn in the Sahel
Niamey, Niger is the sprawling desert village, home to Bombino and capital of Niger. We landed there in mid-March on the heels of a month-long tour throughout Australia and New Zealand. Niamey is unlike anywhere I’ve been. Cattle roam the sandy streets, women balance water on their heads with babies strapped on theirs backs, and people gather round making tea, selling lamb off the fire. There are children everywhere and some would chase after me pulling me into football matches. We shared a great curiosity for each other and it warmed my soul. Niger is one of the most impoverished countries in the world and this was immediately obvious, yet many of the people that I met had this luminous glow and vitality about them, it was a remarkable juxtaposition. Bombino was very proud to host us at his home and we spent a week experiencing life in this West African desert town. 
Bombino’s wife, Zeinab took me to a traditional Tuareg wedding one day. Tons of Tuaregs and Hausa united in the street, painting the scene with vibrant colors from their costumes. Griot drummers summoned the spirits and men and women danced before them. Zeinab encouraged me to dance before the drummers and I channeled the juju.
There were many jams with Tuareg friends. One day, we performed a show on the desert floor to celebrate the birth of a new child in the community. We rocked the Berber rhythms with people circled tightly around, singing and dancing to the music. It was surreal! Four years ago, I watched this clip of Bombino playing in the desert and now here I was standing beside him, jamming these songs with him and his people. Hit my soul heavy. I will never forget it!

*more photos from Africa here

Tour Dates:

7.23 – Calgary, CA – Calgary Folk Festival
7.24 – Calgary, CA – Calgary Folk Festival
7.25 – New York, NY – Central Park
7.26 – Camden, NJ – Xponential Music Festival
7.28 – Northampton, MA – Iron Horse Music Hall
7.29 – Cambridge, MA – The Sinclair
7.30 – Bridgeport, CT – Gathering of the Vibes
7.31 – Washington DC ­– The Hamilton
8.1 – Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater
8.2 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom
8.4 – Minneapolis, MN – Cedar Cultural Center
8.6 – Edmonton, CA – Edmonton Folk Festival
8.7 – Edmonton, CA – Edmonton Folk Festival

Sunday, Sept. 6, 4-9pm
Earth Sky Time Farm, Manchester, VT

The Moonshine is a surreal concert and community experience that I started with my farming friends near Boston. We’re taking the Moonshine to Vermont in partnership with compadres, Max Levis and family. Come celebrate the moment with great music, local food + beer, community art, and a bountiful farm stand! The show will feature Miss Tess, the sultry Queen of "Modern Vintage" and the raucous, Surviving Kenneallys! Instruments, picnics, friends, & lovers all welcome :)

Advance tickets only $15, children under 10 are free. Folks will be traveling in for this one. Confirm your spot here and help spread the good word.

Lodging available at the Wilburton Inn, next to the farm and camping at the Battenkill Campground.

See you on the road!



p.s. have you seen Billy Wylder anywhere? I hear he's coming round this fall..

Australia, Africa, & Heartbeat in the USA! 

Bonjour mes amis,

Como ca va? How is your spirit? I am well and fueled with fire from this perpetual adventure. The nomad journey continues this week as I make my way to Australia to tour with my Tuareg brother, Bombino! 
We will be performing throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania and then we’ll travel to Niger, Africa to play a couple concerts and visit Bombino’s homeland. This will be my first trip Down Under and to the Sahara and Sahel Desert and I am beyond excited! The tour will end with a week of shows in Europe. Will you be abroad? We’ll be back in the States this May and July. Come join the caravan, tour details here.

It was 2011 in Tel Aviv when I was working with Heartbeat that I was first introduced to Bombino's music. My musical lineage from working with the Palestinian and Israeli youth musicians to touring with Oumara "Bombino" Moctar became a natural progression. I continue to work with Heartbeat developing our global initiatives, touring, and diplomacy. I am thrilled to announce that Heartbeat will be touring the USA Feb. 21-March 20!! Friends of all faiths, ideologies, political beliefs- I highly recommend catching a performance! More info below and Heartbeat tour details here

Heartbeat returns to tour the USA Feb. 21-March 20!! Bringing their powerful sounds and messages of equality and cooperation, the Heartbeat youth musicians will travel from Boston to North Carolina, DC to Chicago for performances at universities, music venues, and congregations. The US tours have been transformative experiences with each concert offering a unique window into the lives of our courageous young artists. Interwoven throughout the concert program, the musicians share their experiences of growing up amidst the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, highlighting their creative effort to build a better future as members of Heartbeat. We approach the conflict through a new lens, illuminated by the sounds of hope, co-creation, and our belief in the power of civil-society led change. This tour is about igniting the human spirit, reimagining the barriers that divide us, and coming together to advance dignity and freedom for all people. It has been a labor of love to produce this tour. Spread the good word!

Check out the Heartbeat US tour video:

Heartbeat US Tour
2.21 – Washington, DC – American University
2.24 – New York, NY – House Concert + Reception
2.26 – Philadelphia, PA – Temple University
2.28 – Plainfield, VT – Goddard College
3.2 – Amherst, MA – UMass Amherst
3.3 – Standish, ME – St. Joseph’s College of Maine
3.4 – Waterville, ME – Colby College
3.5 – Milton, MA – Curry College
3.7 – Oberlin, OH – Oberlin College
3.8 – Columbus, OH – Ohio State University
3.10 – Peoria, IL – Bradley University
3.11 – Chicago, IL – Old Town School of Folk Music
3.14 – Rockford, IL – Rockford University
3.17 – Nashville, TN – West End United Methodist Church
3.17 – Nashville, TN – W.O Smith Music School
3.19 – Asheville, NC – University of North Carolina Asheville
3.20 – Salem, VA – Roanoke College

As war grips the Middle East and inequalities across racial and economic lines plague every community on earth, it becomes more and more essential that we band together. There is beautiful power in our voice, art, and action. Let us unite and amplify the silent majority of peace-seeking people around the globe. We're all in this thing together.