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My dear friends, 

Bon dia, assalamu alaikum, shalom, good day! I’ve been thinking about y’all. I’m listening to some swanky sounds from New Orleans right now and they’re lifting my spirit in times of struggle and uncertainty. I’ve been writing songs and exploring sonic territories with new and old friends. Can’t wait to share the music with you! We have some sweet shows coming up: 

2.17 – Nashua, NH – Riverwalk Cafe – debut performance of aFire – w. Symphony NH – Tickets 
2.18 – Cambridge, MA – The Sinclair  – w. Della Mae – Tickets
3.3 – Boston, MA – Museum of Fine Arts – w. Lowland Hum – Tickets 
3.24 – Nashua, NH – Riverwalk Cafe – Tickets 
3.25 – Bennington, VT – Basement Music Series – Tickets

Don't miss this special show with our soul sisters, Della Mae! Celia Woodsmith (lead singer for Della Mae) is one my dearest friends and a longtime collaborator. We began making music together in 2003 and toured throughout the country with Hey Mama and Avi & Celia for many years. Gonna be a sweet reunion!

Hey Mama live at the Paradise March 6, 2010. Photo by Michael Spencer

Feb. 17 - Nasua, NH - Riverwalk Cafe - Tickets

aFire : [ə-ˈfī(-ə)r] adj/adv : being on fire, being in a state of great excitement or energy 
aFire, the band of brothers from global mothers, begins with the soul of freedom and space. Musical forms evolve and expand, changing shape like the crimson flame from the fire, bringing the listener into the full sensory experience. The band features yours truly joined by drummer/singer, Zamar Odongo from Nairobi, Kenya, and keyboardist/singer, Alexander Anderson from Oceanside, CA.  

This dynamic evening will also feature sets from Symphony NH performing works by Claude Debussy and Phillip Glass arranged for string quartet.

We want to give a BIG shout out to all you beautiful people who rocked the WYLD LYFE benefit concert for 350VT with us in Burlington. Together we raised over $5000 to support 350VT's grassroots initiatives to fight climate change. Now more than ever we need to organize and mobilize to protect the planet and all her species! Join the People's Climate Movement on a local level and come together for the massive march slated for April 29 in DC. More info here

Update on Standing Rock: sadly DT has disregarded the Army Corps Environmental Impact Statement process, giving the green light to DAPL. This appalling executive decision is a direct violation of human, tribal, and environmental rights! Click here to get involved and support indigenous sovereignty and the protection of the water. On the up, activists in Seattle and Davis, CA successfully mobilized their respective cities to divest over $3 Billion from Wells Fargo (major backer of DAPL). They have created the model for cities around the country! Let's make the push to invest our hard earned $ into socially responsible institutions. We have the choice, we have the power!


Sending you all love and mojo as we march on. We make the road by walking! 



Here's a glimpse from a beautiful reunion with Bombino, my muslim brothers from Niger and Mauritania at the House of Blues in Boston. Friends, we must keep up the good fight to allow our borders to be open to all people. When we keep showing up, we rise above! 

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